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When you call Bill, you get Bill. That is our promise to you. Bill Eiland has been the lawyer to call in Semmes, AL and surrounding areas – both on TV and at the office – for more than 2 decades. When injured your neighbors have turned to him for honest and clear information. Plus, he has been the lawyer clients have trusted to get them the help and the money they need.

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Fighting insurance companies is what I do. I worked for those big companies until I realized they were not out to help the average working man and woman. I know the tricks they use and can use those to get you the money you need. It costs you nothing to speak with me. And once we begin working together, I am never more than a phone call away.

Know When to Hire an Injury Attorney in Semmes, AL


call now.  nothing is gained by waiting.

Time is running out. Alabama has a statute of limitations. After that, you cannot collect anything —ever. Plus, evidence can quickly disappear. We need to grab items that prove our case, like security camera footage, eyewitness statements, and accident photos.

Don’t admit anything until we talk.

My strong advice is not to give an insurance adjuster a statement until you have spoken with a lawyer. All that information can be used against you. Here is the shocking information – our state is the only one in the nation that says if you are even 1% at fault, you cannot collect a dime.

We have helped injured people from Saraland to Dauphin Island and Pascagoula to Foley.  No matter your injury – auto accident, slip and fall, on-the-job injuries, nursing home abuse – we want to help.

Call Bill today if :

You have been in a car wreck

You were hit by a big truck

You were in a motorcycle accident

You have experienced a wrongful death

You are involved with workers comp

you have slipped and fallen

you were bitten by a dog

all time client recoveries

In The Millions

$ 300,000


Car Wreck Victim

$ 2,000,000


Truck Wreck Victim

$ 4,000,000


Boating Accident Victim

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

If you’re searching for a “personal injury lawyer near me” around Semmes, AL, look no further than Call Bill, Injury Lawyer. When accidents happen, the path to recovery can seem daunting. You’re not just facing physical recovery but also the emotional and financial repercussions that follow. In these moments, having a local, accessible, and trusted legal advisor is invaluable.

Our office, centrally located in Semmes, AL, ensures that we’re never too far away when you need us the most. Whether you’re recovering from a car accident on the bustling streets of downtown Semmes, a slip and fall in a local shop in Midtown, or a workplace injury in the industrial sectors, our team is ready to assist you with unparalleled legal guidance and support.

Mobile Car Accident Lawyer

South Alabama Attorney

A car wreck can turn your world upside down. You get better. Let us handle the rest. Alabama law can be tricky, and there are time limits you must react to. Do not wait.

As we have done on TV for more than a decade, let us explain how you can get the most money and put your life back on track. Rely on the experience of Bill Eiland and call Bill now at 251-255-5000

Mobile Truck Accident Lawyer

South Alabama Attorney

Mobile Truck/18-wheeler Lawyer

In a trucking accident, you will probably collect from the trucking company that employed the driver. The most critical part of establishing your case is gathering evidence to prove their wrongdoing. Alabama has some laws that can make that difficult, so you need an experienced attorney like Bill Eiland.


Mobile Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

South Alabama Attorney

Motorcycle accidents can result in severe injuries. In addition to this, you are probably dealing with an uncooperative insurance company. That is why you need to Call Bill.

Insurance companies will fight not to pay your claim. That is the job of an insurance company attorney. I know because I used to be one until I saw that fighting for the injured was my calling.

Call now. Remember that Alabama has a statute of limitations. After that time, you cannot collect ever. You can always talk to Bill Eiland for free. We understand the law in Alabama and truly want to help you.

Mobile Workers Comp Lawyer

South Alabama Attorney

Hurt on the job? You could collect from Workers Comp and maybe more. Workers compensation is a program to pay your medical bills, lost pay, and compensation for your permanent disability. But there are restrictions. Contact Bill Eiland today for your free case evaluation. Please note that the state of Alabama has made it more difficult to find legal help. We will explain.

Mobile Wrongful Death Lawyer

South Alabama Attorney

If a loved one dies after an accident, Alabama makes it especially difficult for the family to collect any money. There are ways but it can be a very complicated path. After the death of a father, mother, grandparent, child, or any other relative, you need an experienced Alabama lawyer like Bill Eiland. No matter what you have heard about what happens in another state, it probably doesn’t apply here.

Call us now and talk to us for free.


Mobile Slip and Fall Lawyer

South Alabama Attorney

Bill Eiland has been called one of the best slip & fall lawyers in Alabama. He has decades of experience in these often complex cases.

Proving you were injured and by whom is the key to winning a slip & fall case. Often, these cases are against insurance companies, not necessarily the store, restaurant, theatre, or dwelling where you were injured. Call Bill now. Learn about your rights under Alabama law.


Mobile Dog Bite Accident Lawyer

South Alabama Attorney

Did you know that after a dog bite attack in Alabama, different breeds of dogs are legally treated differently? This is just one of the specific dog bite laws that can impact your case. If a dog bites you, you need the guidance of an experienced Alabama lawyer. That is why so many of your friends and neighbors are turning to personal injury lawyer Bill Eiland. Call Bill today. You can talk to him for free. He will explain your rights and what you can legally do to get the money to get better.

Call us now and talk to us for free.


Mobile Termite Injury Lawyer

South Alabama Attorney

If you find termites and have termite protection, call us immediately. We know how to battle with the bug company. Here on the Gulf Coast, we have a history of fighting the many different varieties of termites. Alabama law can help you, but you need to know your rights. Talk to us for free.

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Medical Expenses

Hospital and doctor bills are easy to recognize, but many other expenses exist. You need to be compensated for medicines, in-home care, plus so much more. You also need to receive money to cover your future medical expenses resulting from the accident.

Lost Wages

What about your job? What about the time you can’t work? You need money to pay your bills. Plus you need to be compensated if you cannot return to the job you once had.

Property Loss

What about your car, your tools, and anything else you lost because of the accident? You need those replaced.

Pain and Suffering

This may be the hardest to prove, but it could provide you with the most money. Your suffering needs to be compensated. Remember it is not just your current pain but the possibility of the pain continuing.

Mental Anguish

Your injury and your recovery probably result in emotional distress. You are entitled to be compensated for this, especially if this emotional suffering was caused by someone else’s carelessness.

Loss of Consortium

Loss of companionship or affection also needs to be compensated. Both you and your spouse could be entitled to cash payments.

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Your Semmes Injury Lawyer

About Semmes, AL
Semmes, Alabama, located in western Mobile County, is a city that seamlessly blends its rich historical roots with the vibrancy of a growing community. Officially incorporated in 2010, Semmes is one of the newer cities in Alabama but is steeped in a history that dates back to the early settlers of the region. With its expansive landscapes, commitment to education, and burgeoning tourism sector, Semmes offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Southern living.

Semmes is named after Admiral Raphael Semmes, an officer in the Confederate navy, reflecting the deep historical ties of the area to the broader narrative of the American South. The city, with its sprawling acres of land, has traditionally been an agricultural hub, with pecan orchards and nurseries dotting the landscape. In recent years, Semmes has experienced growth as new residents seek the tranquility of rural life with the conveniences of nearby Mobile. This balance has made Semmes an attractive destination for families and individuals looking for a close-knit community feel.


The demographics of Semmes reflect a rapidly growing city that retains a small-town charm. The population has steadily increased over the years, attracting a diverse range of people drawn to the area’s affordable housing, spacious land, and quality of life. The community is predominantly composed of families, with a strong emphasis on community values and support systems that are characteristic of the Southern way of life.

The population growth has been accompanied by an increase in amenities and services, including retail establishments, dining options, and healthcare services, catering to the needs of the expanding community. Despite this growth, Semmes has managed to maintain its rural character, with large areas of undeveloped land and agricultural activities still prevalent.


Education plays a central role in the Semmes community, with the local school system being one of the main attractions for families moving to the area. Semmes is part of the Mobile County Public School System, which is the largest school district in Alabama. The schools in Semmes are known for their strong academic programs, dedicated teachers, and active parent involvement, creating an environment where students can thrive.

In addition to public schools, Semmes is home to several private educational institutions, offering families various options to meet their educational needs. These schools emphasize a range of educational philosophies and curricula, catering to the diverse community of learners in the area.


While Semmes may not be a traditional tourist destination, it offers several attractions that highlight the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region. One of the main attractions in Semmes is the Mary G. Montgomery High School Viking Classic, an annual marching band competition that draws participants and spectators from across the Southeast. This event showcases the talent and community spirit of Semmes and provides an opportunity for visitors to experience local hospitality.

The city also takes pride in its natural attractions, such as the Semmes Heritage Park, which offers a glimpse into the life of early settlers through restored buildings and historical artifacts. The park serves as a cultural hub for the community, hosting events and educational programs that celebrate the rich history of the area.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Semmes provides access to a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, bird watching, and fishing, thanks to its proximity to several state parks and wildlife reserves. The lush landscapes and mild climate make Semmes a perfect destination for those looking to explore the natural beauty of Alabama’s Gulf Coast region.

Semmes, Alabama, represents a unique blend of growth and tradition, where the charm of Southern living is alive and well. The city’s commitment to education, combined with its expanding amenities and dedication to preserving its historical and natural resources, makes Semmes an attractive place for families and individuals seeking a quality of life that is increasingly rare in today’s fast-paced world.

As Semmes continues to grow, it does so with an eye towards maintaining the community values and rural character that have defined it for generations. Whether you’re drawn to Semmes for its educational opportunities, its community spirit, or the chance to explore its natural and cultural attractions, you’ll find a welcoming and vibrant community ready to embrace you. In Semmes, Alabama, the past and the future coexist in harmony, offering a slice of Southern life that is both enriching and enduring.

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