Termite Damage

Termite Damage

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The fight is on. If you have a termite protection program and discover termites, it could cost thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, to get your home back into livable shape. Some Alabama companies have deceived policy owners, and the bug companies have been made to pay by the state government. Call today. We need to begin collecting evidence immediately.

The Invasion Has Begun

We live in some of the worst areas in the country for termites. Mobile and Baldwin Counties are consistently rated high. Here are some things to look for:

See Wings

Termites generally discard their wings after they have found a mate. The two wingless bugs crawl into something warm and dry (like your house) to prepare for the next generation.

See Bug Doodoo

Termite droppings can sort of look like sawdust. Some people have said they look like a bunch of salt and pepper on your wood.

See Mud Tubes

These are tunnels of mud that termites use to get into your house. They are small and usually attached to the foundation.

Hear Hollow Walls

If you knock on the wood inside the house and it sounds too hollow, termites may be eating you, literally, out of house and home. I know a couple who found this out when they tried hanging a picture.

Termites and Fraud. You Collect.

Here are some examples that we have found where bug companies have done you wrong.

Failure to treat correctly – There are two parts to this. One is not using enough effective chemicals, and the other is not treating for termites at all. You may remember an arbitrated settlement with one homeowner who said the pest company had not treated his home successfully for nearly 4 decades. He received 2 million dollars. It was found that this was a calculated business plan by the company.

Kill only what you can see strategy – This is done to reduce chemical costs. The company will spray just enough to eliminate termites, which you can see. This action, of course, sets up future trouble for the homeowner.

Fake termites – At least one company planted termites to show the homeowner they needed expensive treatments.

Faulty inspection – Most cases prove that the inspector did not do a good job. However, it has happened that the inspector was in on a deal to pass a house so that it could be sold quickly. Either way, the homeowner needs to be compensated.

Need to Know

Our years of experience have found a few other things you should be aware of.

Brick homes are not immune from termites. Sure, termites won’t eat the brick … but most homes have a lot of wood just behind the brick exterior.

A concrete slab does not mean zero termites. In fact, a slab house can promote termites by collecting water, which the termites need.

There is not just one type of termite. Spend some time learning the habits of the most common varieties in our area. You will be surprised.

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I strongly advise you to consult a lawyer here on the Gulf Coast. You need a person who knows our area and knows what you are facing. Bill Eiland has decades of experience and can explain your rights. You can always talk to Bill for free.