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Don’t be afraid to file for workers compensation. It is a right you have worked for and deserve. Plus, there are laws that protect you from retaliation by your boss.

You may be entitled to more than just workers comp. if you are injured on the job. Call us and talk to us for free. We will explain your options.

Do You Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

Even if you don’t think you are entitled to workers comp, you probably are. The reason: generally, any business with five or more employers in Alabama must carry workers’ compensation insurance. Not just any injury will qualify. You must be injured at work, and workers comp. will only pay for losses based on that injury.

You are giving up something if you accept that workers comp. check. You can’t sue your employer. But there is a major benefit: you do not have to prove your boss was at fault. For example, prove that unsafe working conditions were the cause of your accident.

On-The-Job Injuries and How They Are Defined

A minor injury may not qualify for workers comp. I often tell clients that if they can be treated with over-the-counter products or they do not need professional medical care, the injuries probably do not qualify.

Workers comp. has its own categories for injuries. They are classified into four categories:

Temporary Partial Disability

This is when you can continue to work only a limited number of hours while improving.

Temporary Total Disability

This is when you are unable to work at all while you get better.

Permanent Partial Disability

This is when you can continue to work but at a different job.

Permanent Total Disability

This is when you are unable to do any work.

What Is Paid For? What Is Not?

Workers comp. covers all your medical care, such as doctor/hospital visits, prescriptions, and even transportation costs to get to your appointments. It also pays part of your salary – usually 2/3 of your weekly pay.

It does not let you sue for or collect on pain and suffering through the workers comp program.

It is also important to understand that workers comp will choose your doctor. You can go to a physician of your choice, but you will have to pay that bill.

Is Workers Comp. my only source of money if I am injured on the job?

This is a little tricky, but some of my most successful cases have been when a third party (a person not tied to the business) has been involved. The easiest way to explain this is if you are a delivery person and get hit by someone driving down the street. You can collect works comp. from your employer and sue the driver of the car that hit you.

Take Immediate Action

You must report the accident to your employer within 5 days. If it is a long-developing injury such as carpal tunnel, you must notify them within 5 days of you learning about the injury.

If you have not reported the injury within 90 days, you can not file for compensation ever.

When Should I Call Bill?

Your calls to the law firm of Bill Eiland are free. So, call us and learn your rights. Usually, we get involved after workers comp has denied your claim. But if you are trying to get payment from a non-work-related person or business, we need to start collecting evidence immediately. So don’t wait.

Bottomline: call now.